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Binware Health

Healthcare solutions that let’s you do what is more important for you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports are important hence fully customizable reporting tools allow you to see the data the way you want.

Access Anywhere

Mobility is an important aspect in healthcare. Our cloud-based SaaS healthcare solutions make sure you have access to your system everywhere.

Data Protection

The Healthcare is sensitive so are our systems. From multi-factor authentication to intelligent usage behavior, our systems ensure full data protection.

Awesome Interface

Forget old, classical, and miserable UI; our systems are equipped with modern UI/UX that run on every device.


You need just a single account to access any app.

Binware Clinic

A complete clinical management system for doctors and clinics.

Binware MyHealth

Patient care; keep track off your health.

Binware Patho

For pathology and imaging centers.

Binware Pharma

For medical/chemist stores.